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Campground Mystery Series

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Maya Montgomery is in desperate need of a vacation. When her best friend, Karly Foster, convinces her that a camping trip in Northern Ontario will be the remedy she needs, Maya is skeptical.  After all, she has never camped a day in her life.

The moment Kerrick Kendall, park superintendent at Lake Williwaw Campground, lays eyes on the novice camper with the dancing freckles, and large coffee-coloured eyes, he feels compelled to tell her his story.

But is opening up old wounds worth the risk?

From frightening encounters with nature, to non-stop, often humourous, bickering between her friend Karly and an irritating park employee, Blake Fenton, the trip is filled with conflict. 

But when Maya suspects she is being stalked, everything else that has happened pales in comparison.

As danger escalates will Kerrick be able to protect the life of the woman who has captured his heart?

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Tumbling waterfalls, white pelicans, and sweet serenity were just a few of the reasons Karly Foster became a park naturalist. But when rumours of an unsolved murder surface and a friend mysteriously disappears, Karly’s world becomes anything but peaceful. Then, as if she needed her tranquility shattered further, her ex-boyfriend, Blake, literally flies back into her life.

Blake Fenton, the owner of Wilderness Bush Adventures, can’t believe it. Was that really Karly Foster he’d just flown to the Aspen Ridge Emergency, suffering from heat stroke? After three years, she has gotten even more beautiful … if that were possible. It quickly becomes apparent, however, that flying sparks between him and his feisty former flame could leave nasty burns. Again.

Then Blake makes a horrifying discovery, and strange and terrifying events begin to unfold. As Blake wrestles with fear for Karly’s safety and confusion over his feelings for her, his wilderness-guide friend, Henry, implores him to seek God for answers. For centuries, God has been revealing Himself to the locals in Henry’s remote community—in a very unusual way.

When Blake and Karly join forces to compete in the No Trace Canoe Race, they find themselves fighting, not just to win, but to stay alive. Because someone has committed murder in the campground, and the killer’s sights have turned on them.

Do Blake and Karly have a future together? Or will this moment, when they have finally found each other again, be the last one they ever share?


He took one last look across tranquil Lake Huron in the moonlight and sighed. For ten months, this truth trek to discover the meaning of life, had gotten him nowhere. If Harrison Somerville didn’t have answers soon, he’d come to understand what he had expected all along. There was no God. No truth. No love.

Lily Martin is at her wit’s end. Being a single parent of a ten-year old is challenging. But Jasmine is no ordinary child. Gifted with an extremely high IQ, an unquenchable thirst for scientific knowledge, and a penchant for mischief, most days Lily wrings her hands in frustration. But the mother-daughter camping trip soon brings much bigger problems.

For the oddest reason, Lily Martin and her spirited daughter, Jasmine keep dropping in Harrison’s path. Literally. Harrison is charmed by the antics and mind-boggling intelligence of the spunky child. Before long, he feels compelled to protect this mother-daughter pair from Lily’s belligerent ex and a strange man that begins appearing on trails and her campsite.

And wonder of all wonders, Lily has the answer he’s been searching for—so she says.

An imminent weather warning brings his truth trek to a crisis, while his feelings for Lily confuse and overwhelm him.

Then the unimaginable happens.

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