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Edge of Your Seat Romantic Suspense

Are you in the mood for a mystery? Some laughter?  Some romance? Do you enjoy nature? Especially camping?

Then I invite you to check out either the award-winning Campground Mystery Series and/or the Lighthouse Landing Trilogy

The settings for the Campground Mystery Series are authentic provincial parks in Ontario that I have had the pleasure of visiting. Although the names are fictitious, you may recognize the area by descriptions of lakes or towns nearby. Although some of the characters carry over into consecutive books, the novels are written so that they can stand alone.


Stormy Lake (Book 1)

Two young women, Maya Montgomery and Karly Foster, friends and coworkers, embark on a three-week camping trip in Northern Ontario. From frightening encounters with nature, to non-stop bickering between Karly and an irritating park employee, Blake Fenton, the trip is filled with conflict. But when Maya suspects she is being stalked, everything else that has happened pales in comparison. Can park superintendent, Kerrick Kendall, protect the life of Maya, the novice camper, whose dancing freckles and large coffee-coloured eyes have captivated him from the moment he met her.

Lake of the Cross (Book 2)

This novel is set in serene No Trace campground, northwest of Thunder Bay, Ontario. After rumours of an unsolved murder surface, Karly Foster's nemesis and ex-boyfriend, Blake Fenton flies back into her life, while her friend, Madison suddenly disappears. No amount of tumbling waterfalls and white pelicans can bring the peace Karly so desperately seeks. When Blake and Karly join forces to compete in the campground's annual canoe race, they find themselves not only in a race to win, but to stay alive. Because someone has committed murder in the campground and the killer's sights have turned on them.

Starry Lake (Book 3)

Harrison Somerville is the assistant park superintendent in this popular and very busy southwestern Ontario campground, along the shores of Lake Huron. After a recent move to Piney Campground, Harrison is on a desperate search for meaning in his life. While out patrolling, he rescues a mischievous child from a tree branch and is instantly charmed by the precocious ten-year-old. Circumstances beyond his control, keep dropping him smack and center into the paths of the penchant-for-mischief child, Jasmine, and her mother, Lily Martin. After Lily's belligerent ex-husband pleads for reconciliation, and a strange man begins harassing Lily, Harrison is compelled to protect these vulnerable campers. An imminent weather warning brings his emotions to a crisis. Then the unimaginable happens.

Lighthouse Landing Trilogy is set in the fictional town of Lighthouse Landing on the shores of Lake Huron. Follow Detectives Jace Kelly and Coral Prescott as they endeavour to solve crimes, and decipher the undercurrent of attraction zipping between them.

Laugh in the Woods Turns Deadly (Book 1)

An attractive woman is murdered in a cemetery. A short time later, her husband is discovered, floating in a campground creek. Is it one of the eccentric group of campers, known as The Laugh in the Woods Gang that has committed these horrific atrocities? Will Detective Jace Kelly's brand-new partner, Detective Coral Prescott help him solve the macabre crimes? Or will she only be a distraction?

LIghthouse Landing Lament (Book 2)

Coral Prescott loves the town of LIghthouse Landing, despite the odd vibe the town's proud landmark emits each time she views it. When murder rocks the idyllic touristy town, Coral itches to catch the deranged culprit ... even though she is no longer in law enforcement. When her former partner, Detective Jace Kelly is called in to assist in the case, Coral's heart is greatly conflicted. She'd just started seeing the handsome, Dutch man, Officer Luke Degroot. Can she stay one step ahead of the town's elusive murderer and live long enough to decide between the altruistic policeman or the dashing but baggage-filled detective?

Snowsqualls and Missing Elves (Book 3)

Coral Prescott was livid. How could Detective Jace Kelly apply for the job she'd wanted? Worse yet, was it possible to be in love with both men? An urgent crisis looms at the disappearance of a pair of pretty young twins, after their role as elves in the Christmas parade. From the moment Coral encountered the agitated man warning bells dinged. Why wouldn't Officer Luke Degroot trust her intuitions? Was she insane to set out in a freezing-rain storm in search of the missing women in a twenty-thousand acre swamp ... alone ... and weaponless? Somewhere in the middle of all of this chaos, her conflicted heart had made it's decision. Would she live long enough to tell him she loved him?

My novels are fun and a light-hearted, clean read. My deepest desire is to encourage through the written word.

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