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Gifts of Good Words

Follow the Gifts of Good Words Blog Hop, taking place from November 4-18th, 2020, and find quality Christian Books for those on your Christmas list. Then on November 18th, join the Good Words Virtual Book Fair on Facebook:

In the mood for an edge-of-your-seat Christmas Romantic Suspense? Then I invite you to check out the third and final book in the Lighthouse Landing Trilogy:


Coral Prescott’s toes tingled with the nip of frostbite, but the nighttime Christmas parade was worth the discomfort. Especially when Officer Luke Degroot chased after an elf, then returned to place a candy-cane in her mitten. For the umpteenth time, she marvelled at the kindness of the man. Why hadn’t she heard from Detective Jace Kelly in almost two months? Because Luke was slowly inching his way into a corner of her empty heart.

Jace Kelly had gone to extraordinary measures to prove how he felt. Yet it didn’t seem to be enough. Had he made a huge mistake in accepting the Sergeant’s position in Lighthouse Landing? Pressing problems loomed at the sudden disappearance of the pair of pretty, twin, Christmas Elves. Had they gotten lost in the dangerous squall? Or was something more heinous going on?

From the moment Coral encountered the agitated man, warning bells dinged. Why wouldn’t Officer Luke Degroot trust her intuitions? Compelled by an inner urging, Coral set out to search for the missing women in a twenty-thousand-acre swamp … alone … and weaponless.

Fear clawed it’s way up Jace’s throat. Why had Coral taken such a foolhardy risk? Darkness closing in and bad weather hampering, Jace was frantic to locate Coral and the missing twins. Was the swamp truly haunted as his partner Luke feared? If something happened to Coral, Jace didn’t know how he’d ever survive.

If you are interested in the first two books of the sequel, they are:

Book#1-Laugh in the Woods Turns Deadly

Book #2-Lighthouse Landing Lament

Book#3-Snowsqualls and Missing Elves

Books can be ordered via:


my author website:

Amazon: books by LD Stauth:

Please check out books by my fellow Canadian Christian Authors:

PWednesday, November 4—Ruth L. Snyder

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