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I had my morning all planned out. After emptying the dishwasher, folding and putting away last night’s laundry and hitting the shower, I left the house, errands to accomplish. I love the fact that I’m within walking distance of many conveniences. So, bundled in winter attire, I set out. My inner sensible voice encouraged me to cross at the stoplights at the corner. But my silly, take-a-shortcut-voice squashed that idea.

I know from past experience, that safely crossing the main road can be challenging. Patiently, I waited. Then it happened. Volumes of cold, dirty, slush slammed me with such force, I stumbled backwards in shock. My first reaction was anger. Not at the truck. At me. With four lanes of traffic whizzing by, the truck had nowhere else to go.

My inner voice taunted me, and it went something like this. Serves you right for not crossing at the lights. What did you think would happen if you dangled at the edge of a busy, snowy, high-traffic road in winter? Frantically, I brushed at the ugly blobs with my gloves, praying that no one saw what happened. But that was highly unlikely. I probably looked like Olaf’s hillbilly cousin in spring. Or more like the eccentric snow gramma I’d built in the backyard, with my three-year old granddaughter, at Christmas. Should I turn around and go home?

But for some reason, I continued on.

A few minutes later, a new daily planner in hand, I walked up to the cashier to pay. She began to talk to me like an old friend. She told me that this new year, she was not going to let anyone, or anything bother her. After agreeing with her that her motto was good, I tucked away that wise gem of truth. I marvelled at how timely her advice was.

She handed me my receipt and paused. “You’re beautiful,” she said aloud. “Isn’t she beautiful everyone?”

What? Who me? I glanced around and several faces were smiling in my direction. Probably felt sorry me. Either way, her kind words settled in my heart and I cherished them. As I walked home, I still avoided the intersection with the stoplights. I guess I’m a slow learner.

But cold and wet on the outside, I was deliciously warm on the inside. And my heart was full.

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