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Lighthouse Landing Trilogy #1


Homicide Detective Jace Kelly shudders as he enters the wooded path leading to the cemetery, not so much at the macabre murder of an attractive woman but because of the memories the woods invoke. Then the victim’s husband is discovered floating in the campground creek, barely clinging to life. Will Kelly’s brand-new partner, Detective Coral Prescott, help him solve the vicious crimes, or is she only going be a distraction?

A long list of suspects emerges when the detectives discover the couple was camping with a gang of eccentric seniors that includes birdwatchers, beekeepers, a fisherman, and a self-proclaimed princess. Feelings simmer between the detectives, but Kelly’s demons keep getting in the way. Will the pair ever be able to work together to resolve the horrible atrocities or will Detective Kelly be bound to his past forever?


Why does the town’s proud landmark creep her out each time she views it? Despite the odd vibe, Coral Prescott loves the quiet lakeside community of Lighthouse Landing after recently relocating—from big-city homicide detective to small-town bakery chef. Who would have thought that baking desserts could be so fulfilling? But is she fooling herself? Denying the real reason behind such a drastic career move? It doesn’t hurt that Officer Luke Degroot is a handsome, local, blond distraction. When murder rocks the idyllic touristy town, Coral itches to solve the case, even though her date squares are a phenomenal wonder. Is it the arrival of Toronto Homicide Detective Jace Kelly that makes her want to hang up her oven mitts? Compelled to discern the killer, Coral scrolls through several possibilities. There’s her icky real-estate agent, the flirty town mayor who deems himself above the law, the grubby lighthouse maintenance man and … no. Impossible. In matters of the heart, Coral is equally stymied. Will she choose the kind and respectful or the baggage-filled yet passionate? But her involvement in the case not only infuriates some law enforcement officials, it has now set a target on her back. Can she stay one step ahead of the killer and live long enough to choose?

Book #2

Book #3


 Coral Prescott’s toes tingled with the nip of frostbite, but the nighttime Christmas parade was worth the discomfort. Especially when Officer Luke Degroot chased after an elf, then returned to place a candy-cane in her mitten. For the umpteenth time, she marvelled at the kindness of the man. Why hadn’t she heard from Detective Jace Kelly in almost two months? Because Luke was slowly inching his way into a corner of her empty heart. Jace Kelly had gone to extraordinary measures to prove how he felt. Yet it didn’t seem to be enough. Had he made a huge mistake in accepting the Sergeant’s position in Lighthouse Landing? Pressing problems loomed at the sudden disappearance of the pair of pretty, twin, Christmas Elves. Had they gotten lost in the dangerous squall? Or was something more heinous going on? From the moment Coral encountered the agitated man, warning bells dinged. Why wouldn’t Officer Luke Degroot trust her intuitions? Compelled by an inner urging, Coral set out to search for the missing women in a twenty-thousand-acre swamp … alone … and weaponless. Fear clawed it’s way up Jace’s throat. Why had Coral taken such a foolhardy risk? Darkness closing in and bad weather hampering, Jace was frantic to locate Coral and the missing twins. Was the swamp truly haunted as his partner Luke feared? If something happened to Coral, Jace didn’t know how he’d ever survive.

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